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Management statements and plans

Protected area management statements and management plans

The Nature Conservation Act 1992 requires the chief executive, as soon as practicable after the dedication of a national park, national park (Cape York Aboriginal land), regional reserve, or after the declaration of a nature refuge, coordinated conservation area or Indigenous joint management area, to prepare a management statement for the area.

Management statements

management statement is a simple expression of management intent for an area. Depending on the protected area, a management statement can be prepared without public consultation, with approval by the chief executive, by gazette notice. Management statements are to be considered in managing a protected area.

Management plans

The Nature Conservation Act 1992 also provides that the Minister may prepare a management plan for a protected area if satisfied that a management statement is not sufficient. The decision to prepare a management plan will take consideration of the importance of the area’s natural and cultural values, significant threats to these values, significant public interest concerns or the nature or management of proposed commercial or recreational uses. A management plan is to be prepared with the opportunity for public comment, with approval of the final plan by the Governor-in-Council. A protected area is to be managed in accordance with any management plan that is in effect for an area.

Final management statements and management plans must be consistent with the management principles for the area and specify management outcomes for the protection, presentation, and use of the area and the policies, guidelines and actions to achieve the outcomes.

Other projects

Other strategies and plans have been developed to address different management and planning issues. Regeneration plans provide specific strategies for addressing regeneration activities on national parks, while area strategies provide broad policy guidance for parks and forests at a regional level.

The South East Queensland Horse Riding Trail Network Management Plan outlines the framework and guidelines for managing the SEQ horse riding trail network. The management plan aims to provide safe and sustainable horse riding activities along the trail network that are consistent with protecting the conservation values of the surrounding protected areas.

Further information on the SEQ horse riding trail network.

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